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    Pool of Life yoga classes

    Take a look at our pregnancy yoga classes. Sign up to one of our courses and get access to exclusive video and course content.

    This is where the magic happens…

    The Birthlight way of teaching baby yoga embodies this concept beautifully. In a time where mothers and babies can be overloaded with sensory information on a daily basis my training taught me how to strip this back to the mother, the baby and movement in a moment of connection.

    Midwife Josie McHugh
    A really excellent specialist

    I enjoy Marion O’Connor’s way of training, it was very, very useful. The information was interesting and clear, and Marion is attentive to each student, she is a really excellent specialist.

    Olga Vannik (Yogic Artist) Estonia
    Wonderful and insightful

    I found the nurturing baby massage course with Marion so wonderful and insightful. The course is so interactive and really hands on...which is the best way to learn really. Since then I have been running my own little business which has just been so fabulous.

    Midwife Judith Orr
    A flawless course…

    Thank you very much for a magnificent course! I’m a huge yoga fan and a qualified medical doctor and this is the first time I have seen just a flawless course from a physiological perspective. Thanks a million!

    Irina Maksimova (Geneticist) Moscow

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