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    for mum & bump

    Welcome to Pool of Life Yoga a place mums can learn and practice the techniques that will help you remain calm and focused – whatever birth you have planned. 

    We are so glad you found our website. We are passionate about supporting pregnant and new mums manage stress and find a healthier balance in life during these challenging times when extra demands rest on mums and dads.

    Through yoga for pregnancy, and Integrated Nurturing Baby Massage and Baby Yoga we nurture, connect and support family well-being. All with a sprinkling of humour. Mothers need the love and care you deserve in these tough times, our classes can support you along the way to find a healthier balance and well-being for you and your baby.

    Now you have found us we hope to see you very soon.

    Read the birth stories of our mums and share your own. We have created a FREE Birth Story template you can use to record the precious and unique experience you and your baby went through. You can share this with other mums-to-be or simply keep it for yourself to look back on and treasure.

    We hope these stories will help all mums, especially first time mums-to-be and scared mums. But also yoga teachers specialising in pregnancy, midwives and others involved in prenatal care and the birthing process.

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