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    ‘Yoga works to maintain physical
    health and inner harmony throughout
    pregnancy and on into the future.’

    Dr F Babira Freedman

    ‘Yoga raises the level of consciousness,
    integrates the mind and body,
    and replaces self-centredness by
    a sense of unity with life’

    Dr R Monro

    Marion’s Story

    Many, many years ago Marion switched career from brokering Japanese stocks, to become a British Wheel of Yoga teacher. Passionate about the subtle power of Yoga, Marion trained with the great Dr Robin Monro’s Yoga Biomedical Trust in London 1996, soon rising to senior therapist working alongside Robin in his Great Ormond street clinic, specialising in yoga for back pain.

    Robin introduced Marion to the pioneer of Baby Yoga, Dr Francoise Freedman, who trained her to become Birthlight’s first Baby Yoga tutor in the late 90’s. Returning to the North West of England, Marion introduced Pregnancy and Baby Yoga to the first wave of UK Children’s Centres in 2001. This influenced Marion’s choice to train as a doula for vulnerable women with the Goodwin Trust.

    Land and water practices

    As well as teaching land-based practices spanning from Fertility through to Toddler Yoga, Marion is qualified in AquaNurture, AquaNatal and Baby Swim because ‘land and water balance the YIN and YIN of Birthlight practices’.

    Marion says that it’s a privileged to tutor Birthlight’s profound nurturing toolkit in the Far East, Russia and Europe and loves coming home to her 3 children, who were born with joy and ecstasy thanks to Birthlight yoga-based practices and Francoise’s support, and are (usually) adorable because they were nurtured and raised with the Birthlight ethos.


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